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Sports Marketing

Today's audiences are media saturated and desensitized. It takes a fresh, invigorating approach to get results.

Sports marketing breaks through to your market, capitalizing on the inherent energy and excitement of the sports world.

Kids Day with Venus Williams

C & H Events will work closely with you to develop a total sports marketing plan, within your budget, that reaches your target audience.

Through our network of relationships, C & H Events will match your company with the most appropriate sponsorship.

This gives you a platform to showcase your product through a variety of media and promotional vehicles.

  • Market Research and Development
  • Negotiation and Implementation of Sponsorships
  • Development of Creative Programs

tennis stadium

  • Identification and Procurement of Athlete Endorsements, Speaking Engagements and Corporate Appearances
  • Grassroots Programs
  • Build Brand Awareness

Golf Tournament sponsored by Reebok International

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